With the holidays on the horizon, it’s quite possible that you’re putting together a basket full of food for a less-fortunate family. While classic donations (like canned tuna) are undoubtedly useful, there’s a plethora of other needs that go unfulfilled.
As reported by Foodlets’ Charity Curley Matthews, here are some ideas on what food banks actually need:
1. Canned meat (other than tuna). The need for this is universally reported.
2. Low sodium canned vegetables and fruit (packaged in juice). Organizations receive mostly green beans and pineapple, so other varieties are particularly desired.
3. Snacks for kids, such as granola bars and popcorn.
4. 100 percent fruit juices in single-serving boxes.
5. Canned food with pop-top lids, which the homeless can open without a can opener.
6. Baby food. Take Part mentions how impoverished parents have a serious fear of inconsistent food for infants.
7. Personal hygiene products. Take Part also reports that, when given food stamps, people often overlook the need for products like toilet paper.
8. Low-sugar breakfast foods like Cheerios and instant oatmeal.
9. Feminine products. Foodlets states that unscented pads are the most useful.
10. Holiday foods. This is an important one, with food shelters hoping to receive things such as canned turkey (some will even accept whole turkeys and hams), sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.
Click here for other items that you should consider donating.
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