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The Council curates personalized experiences for each of our members that includes introductions to fellow members and the broader NationSwell community; high-end curated events; intimate off-the-record conversations; carefully designed on-the-ground service trips; and more. Each member’s unique experience is designed to advance their work, their life, and their service; expose them to new ideas, perspectives and sources of inspiration; deepen their relationships and opportunities for collaboration; and generate measurable impact. Members include America’s most influential minds in business, media, social impact, finance, technology, government, venture capital, philanthropy, and the arts.


The Council community is made up of leaders across all industries who share a common commitment to social impact and service. As a diverse group, the Council has evolved into an ecosystem of support, resources, expertise, collaboration, and friendship. Members connect every day to learn from each other and grow both personally and professionally.


Council events are curated forums in which members engage in collaborative, off-the-record discussions with featured guests and one another. Themes range from those focused on issue area (e.g. education, climate, government) to those focused on more reflective topics (e.g. leadership, meaning, courage). Conversations are always action-oriented, designed to spark new ideas and advance solutions.


The spirit of service is core to the Council; it permeates the entire experience, including opportunities to engage in Strategic Advisory Groups, 1:1 conversations, on-the-ground service trips, and personalized calls to action. The NSC provides customized pathways to support each member’s service in a way that is most authentic and valuable for them, whatever their background or passions.

Our Impact


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Actions taken last year


High-impact collaborations forged

A Conversation with Deval Patrick
September 27, 2017


Deval Patrick, former Massachussetts Governor and managing director of Bain Capital’s Double Impact business, will join the NationSwell Council for a small breakfast and wide-ranging conversation. Governor Patrick will share the biggest lessons he learned in public service, his hopeful vision for the country’s future, and the power of capital for impact.

The Future of Capital for Good
October 10, 2017

New York City

Few leaders have done more to reimagine philanthropy in order to eradicate poverty than Acumen founder Jacqueline Novogratz. A pioneer in impact investing, Acumen is a nonprofit that acts like a venture capital fund for the poor, investing in entrepreneurs who are addressing the root causes of poverty. Jacqueline will join the NSC for a discussion on innovations in philanthropy and the future of capital for good.

Expanding Opportunity
November 20, 2017

San Francisco

After serving for six years under President Obama, former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan recently joined Emerson Collective as managing partner, leading the effort to improve opportunities for young people in Chicago. He will join the NSC for a conversation around his current work in bridging the opportunity divide.

The State of Our Union
April 21, 2015

New York City

The then CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz joined NationSwell Council members for a discussion about corporate responsibility, his work on education, employment, and veterans issues, and his perspective on the State of the Union. Since this time, Howard has transitioned to Executive Chairman of Starbucks and also runs the Schultz Family Foundation.

Race & Justice in America
June 1, 2017

New York City

New York Times columnist David Brooks joined Bryan Stevenson in a conversation around race and justice in America. The NSC heard about Bryan’s work as the Founder & Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), in addition to his thoughts on criminal justice reform, the enduring legacy of slavery and discrimination, and how we must change the narrative of racial inequality in our country.

National Security & Leadership
October 21, 2015

New York City

Former Director of the CIA and retired U.S. Army General David Petraeus joined the NSC for a compelling discussion on national security, geopolitics, and leadership. General Petraeus called on NSC members to fight back against the polarization brought on by gerrymandering, outside influence of PAC money in elections, and tribalism in Washington that obstructs our ability to make progress on key issues like infrastructure, education, immigration, and cyber security.