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An invitation-only membership for senior executives of leading corporations, philanthropies, and financial institutions seeking to take their impact to the next level with confidence and credibility.

Membership experience


Access the latest best practices, insights, trends, recommendations, resources, and proprietary tools.


Attend expertly curated roundtables, collaborative sessions, briefings, and inspirational experiences with senior purpose-driven leaders.


Secure catalytic introductions to potential collaborators, advisors, champions, and partners.


Receive dedicated support for advice and amplification opportunities to elevate approaches and solutions.

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Who we serve


Advancing the social impact and purpose-driven priorities of C-suites, heads of social impact, sustainability, DEI, and CSR.


Supporting issue pillars and the theories of change for foundation presidents and executive directors.

Investment firms

Connecting and informing Heads of ESG with the best and most forward-facing frameworks, practices, and resources.

What Institutional Members say

“NationSwell brings together inspired thinkers for meaningful connections, and at every meeting I find insights, am able to pressure test ideas, discover blind spots, and hear what peers are doing elsewhere. It is an invaluable resource.”

Chief Global Social Impact Officer, Starbucks
NationSwell Institutional Member

“NationSwell is the premier organization that brings together the most authentic leaders around the most important conversations — giving us the space and support we need to ask the big questions, to grapple with the big issues, and to learn from each other so we can be at our best as leaders.”

Chief CSR Officer, Verizon
NationSwell Institutional Member

“NationSwell has been a great thought partner on the content and direction of the sessions. We appreciated their ability to bring together exceptional keynoters who inspired us, as well as the participants. What I love most is NationSwell’s commitment to helping us address these issues and it does not end with the convening and discussions.”

Chief Sustainability Officer, Starbucks
NationSwell Institutional Member

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