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We are passionate about supporting the leaders, organizations, and initiatives that make our society and planet stronger.

Our two unique membership communities support leaders to meet the moment and develop more effective solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. Explore the Membership that’s right for you:

NationSwell Council

Join a vibrant community of nonprofit executives, startup founders, journalists, academics, and thought leaders. Collaborate, gain inspiration, and foster impactful connections within this diverse network.

Institutional Membership

Engage with senior executives from corporations, philanthropies, and investment firms leading initiatives in CSR, ESG, sustainability, DEIB, and community impact. Access valuable connections, expertise, and leadership insights.


“NationSwell is special. It’s where I go to hear about the most innovative ideas and practices in the field; to find out what’s working best for peer leaders; and to get personalized and deeply valued thought-partnership. I love being part of this community.”

Chief Impact Officer, IBM
NationSwell Institutional Member

“I love this community. It’s where I go to connect to the smartest minds and the most action-oriented leaders on the cutting-edge of driving progress. There is an authentic spirit of service at the core of this community that always energizes and inspires me.”

Founder and CEO, BlocPower
NationSwell Council Member

“NationSwell has helped us to broaden our exposure, expertise and relationships in meaningful and impactful ways. The openness, warmth and authenticity at the heart of this community is special, and makes NationSwell gatherings a deeply valuable place to learn, share, explore and partner.”

President, Annie E. Casey Foundation
NationSwell Institutional Member

“One of the most important things we can do to develop the collective leadership necessary to shape a better world is to create the spaces that enable each of us to pull up from our individual pursuits and think openly with each other about the path forward. That’s what NationSwell is making possible.”

CEO, Teach for All
NationSwell Council Member

“NationSwell is the premier organization that brings together the most authentic leaders around the most important conversations — giving us the space and support we need to ask the big questions, to grapple with the big issues, and to learn from each other so we can be at our best as leaders.”

Chief CSR Officer, Verizon
NationSwell Institutional Member

“There’s something different about being a member of a shared community. It’s beyond transactional and creates a different kind of a dialogue. You get further faster if you have this [NationSwell] community there for you.”

CEO, Springboard Collaborative
NationSwell Council

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NationSwell Events

NationSwell’s events and experiences are designed to bring together diverse, purpose-driven leaders and organizations for learning, inspiration, relationship-building, and societal impact.

The Next Series

Our editorial franchise profiling the investors, executives, authors, philanthropists, and social sector leaders who are shaping business as a force for good.

Insights Library

Explore NationSwell’s Insights Library for the latest trend reports, executive briefings, survey findings, and more — including our latest briefing on skilling the future workforce.

NationSwell Collaboratives

NationSwell Collaboratives bring together cross-sector leaders committed to advancing progress on a specific issue, illuminating challenges and opportunities in the space and helping them to align on action.

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