Taking impact to the next level

Taking impact to the next level

Our story

In 2013, our founder Greg Behrman came home after serving a tour with the US military in Afghanistan. Having experienced the power of service and teamwork, Greg gained new clarity on his own purpose and the journey he would take towards enacting it: that despite the divisive rhetoric of our times, it was clear that there were so many people and organizations working hard across those divides to solve the real problems facing their communities, and that he could play a key role in providing them the support and connections they needed to achieve their ambitious goals. He started NationSwell to support these leaders as they advance and scale their impact with confidence and credibility. 

Our services

Institutional Membership

An invitation-only program for executives of leading companies, philanthropies and investment firms, designed to help enterprises make deeper, more timely, and lasting impact.


A diverse collective of nonprofit executives, founders, thought leaders, and social impact amplifiers working to drive and scale change from the ground up.

NationSwell Studio

Our award-winning Studio develops clear strategies, compelling stories, and illuminating Collaboratives that move influential audiences to action and drive impact.

What makes us unique

High caliber leaders

NationSwell is a selective, membership community  for people seeking to be on the cutting edge of purpose-driven leadership. Our membership consists of leading practitioners and thought leaders who shape the impact priorities of the world’s largest and most influential organizations.

Broad network

At NationSwell, leaders engage and connect with values-aligned leaders across function, industry, and sector. This approach provides a richness and breadth of exposure that helps our members to break out of their bubbles, generate sparks of creativity and innovation, and explore unexpected collaborations.

Actionable insights

Our members are busy, and we value their time deeply. All of our experiences, insights, tools and resources are designed to be highly actionable. We want to surface what’s working best, so that our members can incorporate those insights and practices into their leadership and help their organizations to advance.

Personal support

In addition to ensuring that our members have exposure to the issues they are advancing, we foster spaces where they can connect and support each other as leaders and humans – helping to foster an open, authentic, warm and relational community that provides the connection and inspiration needed for the work ahead.

What we believe

We believe that we are all part of a greater whole — and are always striving to do better and be better in service of others. We are bold, daring, and believe in transformational progress — yet, clear-eyed about the dogged and incremental progress it will take to get there. We see the promise and possibility in the role that our organizations can play in redressing past injustices, healing current wounds, and paving new pathways of opportunity, sustainability, and well-being for a better and more equitable future. We also recognize that this is no ordinary time and that we must all push ourselves and lead with equal parts humility, empathy, urgency, and resolve. We also know that we can’t do it alone — that no one leader, organization, industry, or even sector can bring about the progress we seek.

So, we believe, as well, in the power of community — of coming together alongside fellow leaders — to learn, share, advise, debate, collaborate, and inspire; to lift each other up and to help each other to be our best, so that, together, we can rise up and meet the moment.

Our culture is built on NationSwell’s six core values: inspiration, innovation, excellence, integrity, teamwork, and inclusion.

NationSwell is a certified B Corp, which means we are organized to achieve our social impact objectives, and our profits are inextricably linked to achieving that mission. Our team, and the leaders we work with, believe in the power of community to solve our most pressing issues.

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