Building coalitions to meet the moment

Building coalitions to meet the moment

What are NationSwell Collaboratives?


Collaboratives are an award-winning vehicle for bringing together committed actors to push towards collective action on a specific issue. They involve 5 streams* of activity with the goal of driving towards a Roadmap for Action to be built upon in years to come.

Coalition building

Identify and engage key collaborators from cross sectors to create a core coalition of informed, inspiring and committed collaborators.

Opportunity research

Desk research, interviews, and surveys, to better understand perspectives of beneficiaries, solutions that need to be amplified or scaled and opportunities for collective impact.

Design sessions

Meet on a regular cadence to drive the Collaborative forward. These sessions include insights share-outs, progress check ins, and consensus building around opportunities and action.

Working Groups

Unique virtual workshops that bring together a diverse group of leading experts, thinkers and innovators, to form or interrogate hypotheses for action.

Directed Content

NationSwell will  transform insights and commitments from Year 1 of the Collaborative into relevant content, targeted at impact leaders to scale impact

Roadmap for Action

NationSwell will synthesize Year 1 of the Collaborative into a specific roadmap for collective impact that will detail goals and opportunities for collective impact in this space. 

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2023 Finalist
NationSwell Collaboratives was recognized by Fast Company in two categories for laying the foundation for the Future of Work — as a finalist in the Workplace category and as an honoree in the Small Business category. The Future of Work Collaboratives honored by Fast Company seek to create a more equitable, sustainable and human future for the ever-evolving workplace, its workers and its leaders.
Just Transition
Facilitated by NationSwell, Autodesk Foundation, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Workday came together to form the Just Transition Collaborative with the shared goal to identify opportunities to accelerate more equitable pathways into green jobs by increasing the use of skill-based hiring. The Collaborative launched a digital experience for employers to learn equitable approaches to broadening their workforce.