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Organizations have taken a larger interest in the practice of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging since recent pivotal events brought long-entrenched societal inequities into the spotlight. While their arc of progress is uneven, the simple fact remains: injustice occurs as prominently in workplaces as anywhere else, affording companies the opportunity — and perhaps the responsibility — to model solutions that could ultimately yield a wider societal benefit. Our latest Trend Report is designed to give you visibility into some of those solutions.

Trend Report

The state of play: U.S. philanthropy in 2022

Case Study

How the Bush Foundation’s community trust funds are decolonizing philanthropy

Survey Findings

Social impact professional’s views on the changing talent pipeline

Trend Report

The state of play: Corporate civic engagement in 2022

Trend Report

The state of play: ESG in 2022

Executive Briefing

Four imperatives for centering communities in philanthropy

Case Study

How Verizon engaged 89,000 employee volunteers in the middle of a global pandemic

Insights Briefing

Actionable practices for 2022 and beyond

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Build It Back Better

Overarching Insights Report

We synthesized key insights and impact from all tracks of our 2020 #BuildItBackBetter initiative. View the entire report here, or explore individual topics in the segments below.

Culture of Connection Bridging and Belonging

Narratives and solutions needed to heal and build bridges after a crisis

Economic Opportunity Future of Work

How we can build more resilient, equitable, and inclusive workforces

Data for Good

How Data and AI can drive positive innovation and change


How individuals and institutions can center racial justice and equity in lifelong education

Climate Justice

Discuss, define, and advance our responsibility for protecting our natural resources and planet’s future

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