Gen Z is reshaping the world

They pioneered the climate crisis movement, are radically reimagining the role of business in society, and continue to demand better from world leaders. However, as the gap in access to opportunities grows, many young people find themselves without the adequate resources and networks to participate in the movements that could change their communities. Those most vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis, racism, or gun safety are often furthest away from the platforms needed to drive real impact.

NationSwell aims to equip young leaders with the resources, tools, and network they need to translate their passion into effective community-focused, intersectional solutions. Through an equitable approach, the NationSwell Fellows program empowers young people on the margins to stand at the center of driving change for their communities. Join us in supporting  a changemaker on the frontlines of our future.

The Ripple Effect: Our theory of change
We believe in the ripple effect that one driven leader can have on catalyzing cultural, social and environmental shifts that will shape our future. By empowering individuals driving impact in their communities and nurturing a community of intersectional leaders, we can create lasting systemic change.
Award winning
NationSwell Fellows is recognized as a Bronze Anthem Award Winner in the Networking or Community Organizations category

Our impact year one

We measure our success of both individual impact and the community ripple effect — tracking initiatives and impact their skills & support have led to.

Skills and confidence levels: 

  • 21% increase in public speaking skills.
  • 27% growth in finding mentor relationships that enhance the work.
  • 12% increase in their ability network to build meaningful work relationships.
  • 7% increase in deeper understanding of intersectionality.

Leadership and expertise:

  • Uma demonstrated her expertise in health equity as a paid consultant with NationSwell, advising on a project with a major pharmaceutical company.
  • Thea was selected as an Emerging Leader for #GreenBiz23.
  • Thea was given the opportunity to speak at and showcase their Impact Incubator project at Summit.

On-the-ground impact:

  • Sarah launched a workplace group that successfully advocated for sustainable practices to be implemented in their office. The group continues to educate, inspire, and advocate for greener practices  to make an environmental impact.
  • Fellows are launching a variety of podcasts spotlighting the stories of Indigenous women, Muslim American women, and people with disabilities.

From our Fellows

About the Fellows

Meet the current NationSwell Fellows

This year’s young leaders are not only incredibly passionate about their work, but they are remarkably intentional about intersectionality, and have already made outstanding strides in their areas of focus. NationSwell is honored to announce the thirteen leaders who were chosen to be this year’s Fellow.

Our inaugural class

Learn more about last year’s inaugural class of Fellows.

From Me to You to Us

This zine is a collection of dreams, stories, and shared knowledge meant to foster hope + creativity from former NationSwell Fellow, Thea Gay.

5 Minutes With the Fellows

In this editorial series, NationSwell profiles the incredible and inspiring recipients of this fellowship. Dive deeper into the perspectives of Thea Gay, Sarah Miller, and Safiyah Zaidi in their featured articles.

Supporting the next generation of impact leaders

NationSwell Fellows is a mutual value exchange opportunity. By supporting the Fellows program (individual Fellows and the wider Futures platform), together we providing a platform that provides transformational support to young impact leaders.

Our Partners

Gain insights into how change is taking place among the youngest generation of talent entering the workforce.

Provide a chance to drive both short term impact for the Fellows and long term impact by fueling the ripple effect of change in their communities.

Benefit from the chance to both offer mentoring opportunities to your staff.

Receive guidance and wisdom from the young leaders on how to stay relevant and connect authentically with new generations.

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