Goodbye to Homework for Some Elementary Schools and Classes, Associated Press
Homework, once a universal after-school activity, is being rolled back at several elementary schools in an effort to allow children more time to play, participate in extracurriculars, read for fun and sleep. Proponents believe that cutting out homework, or severely limiting it, allows kids to maximize their natural curiosity for learning without exhausting them with worksheets.

The People’s Cheeseburger, Eater
Watts, the South Los Angeles neighborhood that burned during riots in 1965 and 1992, seems an unlikely spot for a two-Michelin-star restaurateur and a taco-truck king to pick for their new foodie venture. But the pair hopes their healthy take on fast food (think burgers made with beef and tofu, and veggie nuggets offered alongside traditional chicken ones) will revolutionize fast-food offerings in low-income neighborhoods.

Modern Housing With Village Virtues, The New York Times
For decades, the American Dream has been to buy one’s own home and keep out the nation’s problems with a white picket fence. But the cohousing model, imported from Europe in 1991, is becoming increasingly popular with recently graduated millennials and aging baby boomers alike. Residents who share common spaces, like kitchens, gardens, and laundry and dining rooms, report feeling happier, healthier and more civically engaged.