A sad statistic: 1 in 6 Americans goes hungry, yet 40 percent of our food goes to waste.
Since a shortage of food isn’t a problem, it’s clear that practices and policies need to change in order to alleviate hunger in this country. Which is why NationSwell invited leading hunger and food waste experts Doug Rauch, CEO of Conscious Capitalism and former president of Trader Joe’s; Lori Silberbush, filmmaker of “A Place at the Table”; and Ben Simon, founder of the Food Recovery Network, to discuss some of the creative ways to solve this problem, including learning about the food date labeling system (start by reading The Dating Game) and asking your local restaurants and food establishments to become Food Recovery Certified, which rewards eateries for donating excess food to local nonprofits.

Editors’ note: Since the original filming of this video, Ben Simon and Doug Rauch have become NationSwell Council members.