As a veteran-founded and veteran-led organization, celebrating the achievements, surfacing the needs, and addressing the challenges of our nation’s veteran community is paramount to NationSwell’s mission to build an equitable and just world.

For Veterans Day 2022, NationSwell published a video profile featuring just some of the incredible leaders in our community who are working to make life better for our nation’s veterans and active duty service members. Many are veterans themselves, some are from multi-generation military-connected families, and others are civilians working to support veterans’ rights. But whatever their unique journey may have been to arrive in this space, all of us can learn from their experiences, their research, and their insights into how we can all do our part to build a culture of service.

Watch the video above.

To learn more about Carlandra CT Moss and Blue Star Families’ research on the specific needs of military families of color in the United States, and in communities worldwide, visit their site.

To learn more about Mary Beth Bruggeman’s work to connect veterans and underserved communities that can benefit from their lifelong commitment to service, visit The Mission Continues.

To learn more about John Wordin’s research into reducing death by suicide through clinical practices that empower resilience, visit Life Aid.

To learn more about former Army Under Secretary Patrick Murphy’s lifelong commitment to service and equity, including his achievements as a soldier-statesman, visit his site.

To learn more about Tina Atherall’s work building one of the nation’s leading resources for military cultural awareness and the military connected community, visit PsychArmor.

Special thanks to video editor and motion graphics designer Angel Alcantara for his work on this video feature.