Kevin Kimmel never expected he would encounter something as horrific as sex trafficking, or that on one of his truck routes he would end up saving a life.
In January of 2015, Kimmel was taking a break at a Virginia rest stop when he noticed something out of place: an RV parked nearby, rocking back and forth, its inhabitants hidden by blackout curtains.
“It didn’t really fit what I usually see in my world,” Kimmel said.
At first, Kimmel tried to ignore it. Other people’s recreational activities were none of his business, he thought. But that’s when he saw the face of a young woman peek out from behind the RV’s curtains, only to be immediately jerked away.
“That’s when I started thinking there was a problem next door,” the trucker said.
Watch the video above to find out how Kimmel stepped into action to save the young woman, and read our full article for more information on how truck drivers are doing their part to stop sex trafficking.
Homepage photo by Andre Kudyusov/Getty Images.