As the old adage goes, what goes around comes around.
That’s exactly what janitor Rick Spaulding learned recently from the staff of students at Anderson County High School (ACHS) in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
Spaulding, who has tended the halls of ACHS for the past 16 years, was called in during a recent pep rally to mop up a spill. But, as Lex18 reports, when he walked into the gymnasium, he was surprised to find that the whole school had raised nearly $2,000 to allow him and his wife to visit their son — and their new month-old grandchild that they have yet to meet — in Italy.
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Spaulding hasn’t seen his son, who serves at a naval base near Sicily, since the day he left the country a year and a half ago. “My son is stationed in Italy and we are going to see him,” Spaulding told Lex18. “Words can’t describe the joy that I feel right now.”
Incredibly, the school was able to keep this surprise from Spaulding since earlier this year.
“I was doing my job, just going to take care of the spill, completely oblivious to what was going on,” the 51-year-old told Yahoo! Shine. “The outpouring that the students and staff showed me was overwhelming.”
After all the years of Spaulding taking care of the school, now it’s taking care of him.
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