Building strong communities has never been more important. In addition to impacting the health of millions, the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged local businesses and economies, disrupted our education system, and deepened the divides that exist between those with and without access to technology. That is especially true for low-income, under-resourced, and minority populations. To encourage long-term recovery, we need to find ways to not only build back better — but build back right.

But when it feels like our nation is more divided than ever – how can we make that happen?

NationSwell and Verizon, an Institutional Member of our community, partnered to hold a spirited discussion on the solutions needed to ensure long-term, community-based prosperity with thought-leaders at the intersection of economic opportunity, technology, and equity: Rose Stuckey Kirk, Verizon’s SVP and Chief CSR Officer, and John P. Bailey, Strategic Advisor for the Walton Family Foundation and Visiting Fellow at AEI. 

Because the insights and resources surfaced during the discussion are so crucial to leaders at the vanguard of social change, we are making the full event streamable for our audience. Watch the discussion here.

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