Includes interviews from Chobani, Levi Strauss & Co, KPMG, Match Group, Patagonia, Salesforce, and Starbucks 

NEW YORK — Every U.S. business has an opportunity to meaningfully impact civic participation and the health of democracy, but there is no single model or approach that they must adopt. Based on exclusive interviews with its executive membership community, NationSwell released a report that provides a strategic framework to help employers customize their support of democracy around their unique contexts, goals, and capabilities. 

“In a pivotal election year where democracy faces unprecedented challenges worldwide, businesses have the opportunity, as trusted pillars in society, to protect it,“ said Greg Behrman, Founder and CEO of NationSwell. “Despite pressures to back down from addressing societal issues, businesses must seize this moment to make civic participation a priority. This comprehensive resource is designed to equip business leaders with a strategic framework to support the health of our democracy in a way that is non-partisan, effective, actionable, and vetted by industry peers.”

NationSwell is an award-winning executive membership community and advisory that works with social impact, sustainability, and philanthropy leaders to help them to accelerate their impact, lead at their best, and meet the moment. The report is based on interviews conducted in the spring of 2024 with leaders from Chobani, Democracy Works, Einhorn Collaborative, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, KPMG, Latino Community Foundation, Levi Strauss & Co., Lyft, Match Group, Patagonia, Protect Democracy, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Salesforce, and Starbucks. 

Here is what is included in the report: 

A strategic framework for employers

The customizable strategic framework in the report presents three goals for businesses to pursue:

  • Goal 1: Encouraging and enabling civic participation 
  • Goal 2: Promoting information accessibility, transparency, and quality 
  • Goal 3: Supporting issues that protect fundamental rights and strengthen democracy

Supporting guidance and materials for business leaders

The report contains detailed and practical elements that are aligned with advancing the three strategic goals: 

  • Talking points for making the business case for democracy, sourced directly from business leaders and democracy experts
  • Tactical implementation guidance and dozens of real-world examples showing how businesses are promoting civic participation and a healthier democracy
  • Peer-vetted partner and collaborator recommendations to help employers supplement their own strengths and pursue collective action

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“At Salesforce, we understand that a healthy democracy depends on civic participation, and voting in particular. When citizens don’t vote, we increase the risk of unrepresentative government, low institutional trust, and further marginalization of minority groups. When citizens do vote, our government is more representative and accountable to their interests. High participation helps to legitimize the institutions we depend on for the regulatory and market stability our business needs.” – Margaret Taylor, Senior Director and Head of Public Affairs, Salesforce

“Our colleagues and communities will be exposed to information from a range of sources. One of the clearest ways we can foster trust is by providing high-quality information about the logistics of voting and information about the candidates and the issues they care about from trustworthy sources.” – Corley Kenna, Head of Communications and Policy, Patagonia and J.J. Huggins, PR and Communications Manager, Patagonia

“Our business depends on a healthy democracy, and a healthy democracy depends on voter turnout. It is in our interest to drive engagement by educating and motivating our audiences around issues rather than candidates.” – Joanna Rice, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Social Impact, Match Group