In a city that’s been marred by destruction, photographer Dave Jordano finds resilience. The faces and environments that he captures in Detroit — his place of birth — have endured countless hits to the economy, industry and population. But the communal living, public gardens, lively murals and alternative methods of earning income that Jordano photographs show not what has been destroyed, but what has survived and has been created anew. As opposed to the often muted tones of crumbling buildings and boarded up houses, Jordano’s colorful depiction of Detroit attests to the dynamic city that fosters growth and creativity.“Detroiter’s wear their pride for the city they live in much like an honored badge of courage,” Jordano says in his artist statement, “defying all odds, openly admitting that if you can survive here, you can survive just about anywhere.” [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph] [ph]