What can you do if you want to study computer science in college, but don’t have $50,000 lying around for tuition?
As LifeHacker reports, thanks to app developer aGupieWare, anyone with access to the Internet can take computer science classes from the likes of MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, and other elite institutions. The best part? All of this top-notch education is free. (Yes, you read that right. Free!)
aGupieWare says that their bachelors-level curriculum is cobbled together from numerous available online computer science courses and video lectures from top universities across the country — from Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science to Stanford University’s Programing Paradigms. There are even electives from (California-based) International Technical University’s iPhone App Development series and University of California, Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence courses.
Granted, you won’t be sitting in an actual classroom or receiving a degree from the institutions, but you can do this on your own time — and even while wearing your pajamas, if you like. Plus, you’ll also be walking away with a load of knowledge, not to mention, be free of debt.
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The program not only works for high school grads who can’t afford college but aspire to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg (both of whom never actually finished college and are doing just fine), but it also makes sense for working adults looking to gain another set of skills for the workplace or even those interested in a career change.
Not interested in computer science? As Lifehacker notes, this program is just one of many subject matters available at our fingertips. Dubbed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), there are numerous courses that allow anyone — from high school grads to working adults — to seek a better life through higher education simply by logging online.
With the skyrocketing costs of tuition (not to mention our country’s enormous student loan bubble), the idea of a free education and even tuition-free colleges have the potential to change the face of the education industry. And while you can’t receive an actual bachelor’s degree yet, by the looks of things, you might soon be able to.