Tiny Interventions Can Help Reverse Our Sky-High College Dropout Rate, FastCo.Exist
Less than two-thirds of students at four-year universities complete their degree within six years. Even worse? Only 29 percent graduate from a two-year school within three years. A recent report from Ideas42 reveals that simple solutions like supportive text messages and built-in study blocks can help solve this systemic problem.
Why Social Ventures Need Systems Thinking, Harvard Business Review
Some companies led by a single innovative thinker have brought about great change. But as Evan Marwell’s success with EducationSuperHighway demonstrates, it really takes a serial entrepreneur to tackle large-scale issues in order to revolutionize an entire system.
Five Voices on Reforming the Front End of Justice, The Marshall Project
Local innovation is reforming the criminal justice system. Five experts from various sides of the issue reveal how community and law enforcement collaborations reduce recidivism and crime rates, lower costs and save lives — all the while keeping citizens safe.
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