If you ever feel guilty about cheating on your 2015 diet goals with some Ben & Jerry’s, just think: By eating the icy treat, you are helping someone change their life.
As Good News Network reports, every time you indulge in the tasty brownies inside a tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half Baked, you’re also supporting the workers at Greyston Bakery, a business in Yonkers, N.Y., that employs people who just need a second chance.
Yahoo.com’s Rachel Tepper writes that most of the workers are people who’ve been “previously incarcerated, addicted to drugs or alcohol, homeless or faced other issues that made them seemingly unemployable.”
Good News Network notes that as soon as a new spot opens at the company, it’s given to anyone who is in line for that job — no questions asked. Not only that, Greyston also helps them with personal development tools and provides them with professional skills.
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The forward-thinking company also offers subsidized housing and childcare to its employees, and it also gives back to the larger needs of the community by maintaining community gardens, offering nutrition education classes and providing free job training programs.
Ben & Jerry’s has been working with the bakery since the late 1980s and hasn’t looked back since. Learn more about the company in the video below: