Close one eye and make a fist with a hole the size of a dime and put it over your opened eye. That’s how much (or rather, how little) football player Aaron Golub can see out of his left eye, according to his private coach Chris Rubio. And out of his right eye? Nothing.
Despite being legally blind, the graduating senior from Newton South High School (NSHS) in Massachusetts will be part of Tulane’s Division I football program this fall as their preferred walk-on long snapper.
“Aaron is a tremendous young man who has not let adversity overcome his desire to fulfill his dreams of playing college football,” Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson said in a statement.
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It’s no surprise that Golub made his dream come true. CBS Boston reports that for the past two years the young man worked very hard — practicing long-snapping every morning before school and on weekends. He became so good at the difficult act that NSHS’s football coach Ted Dalicandro remarked to CBS that Golub is “the best” long snapper he’s seen at the high school level.
His determination and skill has certainly paid off.
“If you set your mind to it, then you can do it,” Golub said. “There’s nothing that you can’t accomplish if you really want to do it.”