Every time you or your company gets rid of old phones, laptops or printers more and more electronic waste piles up. Case in point: According to the EPA, 2.37 million tons of discarded televisions, fax machines, keyboards, cell phones and other tech gear was trashed in 2009. With the proliferation of smartphones alone, one can only imagine how much that number has increased since then.
When this e-waste isn’t properly recycled, it just ends up in landfills, which is exactly why we need companies like the California-based GreenMouse Recycling, which makes sure that old and unwanted gadgets are safely processed and responsibly disposed.
But more than just looking out for the environment, GreenMouse Recylcing CEO Evelyn O’Donnell has another agenda — to give “unhireables” a chance at employment, as Good News Network reports. Since 2011, the CEO has partnered with the San Jose, California’s work2future program to provide training and employment opportunities for at-risk young adults. The e-waste company’s internship program trains these kids skills that will give them a leg up in the real world — such as social media marketing, computer refurbishing, and data management.
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And it doesn’t end there. According to the report, GreenMouse’s commitment for social equality also extends to their fundraising efforts, donating more than a quarter of a million dollars to schools, churches, and non-profits such as the YMCA and Alzheimer’s Association.
“From their employees to their interns, and from customers to non profits, GreenMouse is paving a new path for corporate-social responsibility,” said O’Donnell’s daughter Briana, who also works for the company. “Not everyone can say that they are not only excited but proud of what they do and I count my blessings that I get to wake up and say it every day.”