With the popularity of the television series Candid Camera, Punk’d, and Da Ali G Show, it goes without saying that people like practical jokes.
In fact, Magic of Rahat has made a living with his popular prank videos on YouTube. Most of the time, his mischievous acts are at the expense of the people caught on camera (all in good fun, of course). But on Tuesday, the Internet personality put his pranks to rest and published a heartwarming video that changed the life of a local homeless man and brought Rahat to tears.
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For a few weeks, Rahat noticed a homeless man hanging around a shopping center near his house. “From what people have told me, he’s a nice and respectable guy,” he said in the video. So instead of just giving him a buck or two, Rahat decided to give him a “winning” lottery ticket. Of course, the ticket wasn’t really a winner, but Rahat got a convenience store clerk to play along to give the homeless man his special prize: $1,000 in cash.
“You’re kidding me right?” the man said. “Come on man, you’ve got to be kidding me!” After his disbelief wore off, the man counted the money, turned around and tried to hand half of it back to Rahat, saying, “I want to share it, my friend.” The heartwarming exchange that followed is just the stuff that viral Internet videos are made of. Be sure to grab a tissue before watching. You’ll need it.
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