Technology firms are always seeking employees, with tech jobs frequently topping lists of the best employment prospects. Meanwhile, military downsizing has lead to ever more vets on the hunt for a job. David Lucien decided to come up with a solution that is working to solve both of these problems.
Lucien is the CEO of DCL Associates, a consulting firm that advises technology companies. Inspired by his World War II-vet father, Lucien decided to use his business knowledge to work with others and start US Tech Vets, a website that helps veterans find jobs in technology. The site launched this past January.
The website offers veterans information about how to start their job search, craft a resume, and describe their military skills in a way that civilian employers can understand. Vets upload their resumes to US Tech Vets, and members of national and regional technology associations can search the resumes for employees and post jobs. US Tech Vets has partnered with 147 companies committed to hiring veterans to provide jobs and resources.
Currently, there are about 13,000 jobs posted on the website, and 800,000 veteran resumes are in the database, which Lucien believes is the largest collection of military veterans’ resumes in the world. “We want to make it a priority of every technology company to hire, train, and retain military veterans and to make sure every veteran and veteran family member has the opportunity to be employed,” Lucien told David Karas of the Christian Science Monitor.
“I have always had a soft spot for our veteran and active-duty military,” Lucien told Karas. “We cannot do enough for these brave individuals and owe them our lives, just as they have risked their lives for our freedom.”
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