We’ve heard about fathers getting behind the cause. We’ve heard of entire states getting behind it, too. Now, an elementary school student is also making sure no kid at his school goes without a hot lunch.
Eight-year-old Cayden Taipalus from Howell, Michigan’s Challenger Elementary was inspired to take action after seeing a schoolmate getting denied a meal because he didn’t have adequate funds in his meal account, Detroit-based ABC affiliate WXYZ reports.
“I was in lunch one day getting lunch and a kid in front of me didn’t have enough money and they had to put their tray down and that made me sad,” the generous boy told the TV station. “So I went home and asked my mom what I can do to help.”
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To raise funds, Cayden accepts donations and recycles bottles for money, too. In just two short weeks, he was able to pay for a whopping 295 lunches. In addition to paying off delinquent lunch accounts, he also adds money to them as well, so no one has to worry about whether or not they can afford future meals.
Denying a school child a hot meal is not only humiliating, for some children, it could be the one nutritious meal he or she gets for the day. And while Cayden’s elementary school never allows someone to go hungry, the youngster wants to make sure that no kid ever has to settle for the reduced lunch option of a cold cheese sandwich.
To help Cayden’s cause, you can donate on his online fundraising page, fundrazr.com/campaigns.