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#ComeClean About Household Cleaners

August 11, 2016
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#ComeClean About Household Cleaners
Elva Aguilar, housecleaner Clare Major, Thomas Shomaker, Sybile Penhirin
This housecleaner of 15 years has firsthand knowledge about the hidden dangers of surface cleaning products.

As a participant in Seventh Generation’s Come Clean campaign, NationSwell is asking that cleaning and hygiene product companies do the same thing that Seventh Generation has done for the last 27 years: disclose all of a product’s ingredients so consumers can make educated choices about what they bring into their homes.

To do this, we teamed up with activists and environmental advocates, including Richmond, Calif.-based housecleaner Elva Aguilar.  Several years ago, she began having a variety of health problems that she eventually traced to the cleaners used in her daily work.  After changing her products and habits, Aguilar’s health recovered.  Now she is advocating on behalf of other housecleaners.

Watch the video above to see Aguilar speak out for her colleagues.