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The Shop That Doesn’t Want Your Money

January 16, 2014
The Shop That Doesn’t Want Your Money
San Francisco's “Merit Shop” only wants your talent.

“Not everyone has money, but everyone has talent.” That’s the idea behind the San Francisco-based “Merit Shop,” which co-founder Daniel Sores has described as a social experiment. At the Merit Shop, you can get toys or candy for singing, doing a cartwheel, telling a joke, reciting poetry, painting or expressing pretty much any other talent, regardless of how big or how small. While it’s a tiny operation at the moment, the founders are looking to expand by partnering with businesses. In time, the store hopes to provide more morale-boosting talent recognition to those of limited means. As Sores told Fast Company, “Our aim is just to create a little corner of happiness in the Internet and in the world where money has no value.”