Twelve years ago, Sidney Moore of Battle Creek, Mich., was working at a grocery store when he broke his finger trying to stop a shoplifter. The store offered him work he could perform with his injury, but Moore had a better idea: He cashed out his 401K and bought his first rental property. He earned enough money as a landlord that he continued to buy more properties, and as his business took off, he decided he would only rent to low-income and homeless families. Moore now owns 32 properties, and with the help of the Red Cross, the city of Battle Creek and private donations, he keeps rents low and provides families with the necessities they need to live. He even waives security deposits for those who can’t afford them. Moore’s generosity hasn’t been easy — he’s not sure whether he’ll be able to pay some property taxes that are due this year. But as he told Chuck Carson of the Battle Creek Enquirer, “The more I got into it, I found it’s what made me happy when I looked at a person who didn’t have a chance in the world, when everybody turned them down except me. They just need another chance and I’m that second chance.”