Aaron Reddin will never forget the night he choose sleep over service. In addition to his full-time job, he had just launched a non-profit, The One, Inc., which delivers food and supplies to the homeless seven nights a week. That evening he was too exhausted to check up on a local homeless man, who he had regularly visited. “I went for the 15 minutes of extra sleep, and he died…that night.”
A Van That Tweets to Help the Homeless
Reddin says the incident motivates him. “It’s a reminder that fifteen minutes of sleep is not worth someone freezing to death right here in our own community.” Reddin now works full-time for The One, Inc. (Read our previous coverage here). The nonprofit, which began with a donated van and a few supplies in 2011, now serves four cities across the country. “There are heartbreaks and there are huge victories,” Reddin says. “You keep rollin’.”