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Watch Why This Homeless Man Breaks Down In Tears After Walking Into His Friend’s House

May 9, 2014
Watch Why This Homeless Man Breaks Down In Tears After Walking Into His Friend’s House
After a viral video made a homeless man named Eric famous, the internet donated $44,000 to give him a home for a year. Screengrab via YouTube
The latest act of kindness from Magic of Rahat is his best yet.

If you can think back to March, you might recall a certain video of a local homeless man named Eric “winning” the lottery. The incredible clip, created by popular YouTube star Magic of Rahat, touched of millions of viewers (15.7 million and counting), making grown men and women cry.

And now that Magic of Rahat has a new video, it looks like you might want to reach for that box of tissues once again.

As we mentioned previously, the original video created so much buzz and community support for Eric that thousands of online donations poured in. A whopping $44,000 was raised in three weeks — twice the initial goal of $22,000.

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When asked what he was going to do with the large sum, Rahat told his fans to “stay tuned for a follow-up to see what this money will do for Eric.”

Well, the follow-up is here — and we think it’s the most heartwarming one yet.


In the video, Rahat breaks down where exactly the $44,000 in donations went: $11,000 for a year of rent; $3,700 for furniture and appliances; $2,900 for utilities, cable and insurance; $5,000 for supplies, clothes and food; and $21,400 in a joint bank account between Eric and himself (Rahat mentions that he won’t be taking a single penny).

Want even more great news? Eric mentions in the video that he has a job now, so it looks like he’ll be able to support himself, too.

Talk about a happy ending…