Few kids even get accepted into one Ivy League university. Kwasi Enin got into all eight.
The 17-year-old Long Island high schooler has been accepted into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and the University of Pennsylvania. And just for some extra bragging rights, Enin’s backup choices of Duke and three schools in the SUNY system also accepted him.
Getting into a single Ivy League (much less all of them) is no small feat. If you check out this chart from the New York Times, tens of thousands of high school seniors tried their luck last year and a mere 5 to 15 percent were actually admitted.
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It’s believed that Enin’s well-rounded characteristics helped him stand out. According to Newsday, he scored a 2,250 out 2,400 on the SAT and he’s ranked 11th out of the 647 seniors at William Floyd High School. He will complete several Advanced Placement classes by the time he graduates. Outside of academics, he’s an athlete, he can sing, play the violin, and volunteers in the radiology department of Stony Brook University Hospital. Not only that, Enin is a first-generation American of immigrant parents from Ghana.
“We are very proud of him,” Kwasi’s father Ebenezer Enin told the publication. “He’s an amazing kid. He’s very humble. He’s been trained to be a high achiever right from when he was a kid. We have been encouraging him to be an all-around student. So far, he has proved himself.”
The genius teen wants to study both music and medicine. Now, he just faces the tough choice of choosing which school to go to. Good thing he has plenty of options.