Knitting is for the birds. Literally.
Using just a little bit of yarn, crafters around the country have answered the call to help save one of nature’s tiniest and most vulnerable creatures: The baby bird.
When young birdsĀ fall out of their nests, they are pretty much on their own. Most mothers don’t pick up their chicks after they fall, and since these little creatures cannot regulate their own body temperature, they might not survive without a parent or a warm place to cozy up to.
As SF Gate reports, wildlife conservation group WildCare has come up with a creative solution. The Marin County, California organization takes care of a thousand orphaned birds a year, and instead of putting them in typical plastic containers (which were found to bruise the tiny birds), they have something that works even better: Knitted nests.
As it turns out, these yarn bowls are just as soft and warm as natural nests. In need of more knitted bird cozies, the San Rafael-based nonprofit put out a mass request to knitters back in April forĀ knitters to grab their needles.
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The organization, which treats 4,000 wild animals a year, quickly found that their project was too adorable for people to not help. According to the Wildcare website, as of last month, they’ve received 878 knitted nests from California, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, New York, Ontario, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Indiana.
The great news is that there is always a need for these nests, so any yarn/animal lover can contribute (the organization has a goal of 1,414 nests). Click here for nest patterns and instructions on where to send your completed creations.
Get your knit on.
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