After a visit to Los Angeles’ historically disadvantaged Skid Row at the age of 4, littleĀ Jonas Corona knew he had to help. As the TODAY show reports, the preschooler couldn’t get the image of homeless children out of his mind. Wanting to do more to help, his mom quickly signed her young son up to volunteer at shelters and charity programs so he could help out every day. However, because Jonas was so young, he was only allowed to volunteer once a month.
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Undeterred, when Jonas was 6, he started his own non-profit called, Love in the Mirror that works to help homeless and disadvantaged youth in need. Jonas, now 10, and his other young volunteers collect food, clothing, books and other supplies to donate it to programs like Casa Youth Shelter that provides a temporary roof and counseling services to youth in crisis.
“It’s not right for kids and adults to be on the streets having nothing. Everybody should have a home, everybody should have a place to eat or live,” Jonas told TODAY. “Everyone should have something.”