When it comes to polluting our oceans, single-use plastics might take the most heat from environmentalists. But there are plenty of other things we should keep out of our toilets — and oceans.
Condoms, tampons and dental floss easily clog up toilets and pipes. Instead, toss those items in the trash. Or consider purchasing a brand of floss that’s biodegradable. For an eco-friendly alternative to tampons, try a menstrual cup. The average woman uses around 11,000 tampons over the course of her lifetime, but a single reusable cup can last up to 10 years.
When you’re cooking, avoid pouring used grease and oil down your pipes. These congeal and can cause fatbergs, which are a nightmare to remove (and cost taxpayers millions). The best solution? The garbage bin.
Your medicine should never be disposed of in the toilet. Wastewater treatment plants aren’t equipped to filter out medicine, so they end up contaminating lakes and other sources of water. Stockpile unused medicine and turn it all in on Oct. 27 for National Prescription Drug Takeback Day.
Finally, those tiny contact lenses quickly add up. Especially when you consider that 45 million Americans wear them every day, which amounts to 14 billion lenses annually. So give extended wear lenses or glasses a shot. You can also participate in a recycling program for lenses and their packaging. 
Watch the video above for more information on how to reduce your environmental footprint and help save the planet.
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