When Adam Minton left the Army after eight years of service, he had a hard time settling back into civilian life. “I struggled when I left the military. It’s hard for us to find our niche once we get out,” he told Dan Spehler of Fox 59. “I’m one of the fortunate ones.” That’s because Minton made his own luck: He found work as a security guard and, with help from his girlfriend Erin Parks, started The Minks Kids, a non-profit that assists homeless and hungry people, especially veterans.
vet-charityScreengrab via Fox 59 WXIN-TV.
While the couple raises money to open a soup kitchen, they’re visiting struggling veterans every month, providing companionship and a home-cooked meal. Right now they’re running the nonprofit out of their home, storing supplies in their garage as they seek donations to get their organization up and running. Parks told Spehler, “The military in general has that ‘no man left behind’ mantra and it just feels like when the men and women transition, they’re kind of being left behind, not necessarily by the military, just kind of by life.” We can all salute Minton and Parks’ efforts to change that.
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