Officer Tyrone Hodges spent his law enforcement career protecting the low-income people of Trenton, N.J. until a line-of-duty injury forced him to retire in 2004. He wanted to continue doing meaningful work, and he was completing his master’s degree in organizational leadership at Rider University, when he read that many families in the area can’t afford diapers for their babies. For his final school project, he personally collected a thousand diapers and gave them to the Millhill Child and Family Development Center, so many that the center told him they might not be able to store them all. Then Hodges shifted to collecting donations for the center, garnering enough to purchase 20,000 more diapers. That’s enough to keep the 2,500 low-income families the center supports well stocked for a good while. To top it off, Hodges wrote a 30-page paper about the project. Sounds like an A+.