Brian Horan’s three sons were born with Duchenne, a severe form of muscular dystrophy that is often fatal by age 25.  But rather than give in to despair, Horan, 47, set about building a future for his boys, including a college education. When they entered university, Horan quit his job as an auto mechanic in Colorado to become a full-time caretaker and help his wheelchair-bound sons navigate the campus of Metropolitan State University in Denver. To pass the time while his sons took classes, Horan enrolled too, and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering last month. After Horan’s two younger sons graduate next spring, he plans to help them move out on their own, with the support of Band of Brothers, a group for people with muscular dystrophy the Horans recently founded. “There are parents out there in situations like ours who worry about their kids to the point where they don’t let them or want them to experience life,” Horan told Anthony Cotton of the Denver Post. “We’re trying to push our kids to do as much as they can.”