The bracelet-making craze has taken over elementary schools across the country, but one Minneapolis boy is weaving these tiny rubber bands together for a great cause.
Graham Fowler, a 10-year-old with Spitzoid melanoma, has raised thousands of dollars for childhood cancer research with his creative hobby. As WCCO reports, Graham had had eight surgeries since being diagnosed with his serious and extremely rare form of skin cancer. (He’s one of only six kids in the U.S. with this diagnosis.)
He started making these colorful bracelets during his trips to the hospital. “They did it so he would kinda be distracted…because he couldn’t go to school because of all his surgeries,” his sister Brittany Fowler told the CBS affiliate. “He never complains,” his sister added. “If I was in that situation, I couldn’t say that I would. I’d be a hot mess. He’s a tough boy.”
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Graham sells his bracelets for $1 each, already raising around $8,000 for children’s cancer research. According to Graham’s fundraising page, the young man hopes to raise enough awareness and funds so no child ever has to go through what he has experienced.
You can order a bracelet from Graham on his Facebook page or visit GiveMN.