Gregory Kloehn is solving two major problems at the same time with his art: The Oakland, Calif.-based artist salvages illegally discarded trash and turns it into mobile shelters, which he gives to the city’s homeless.
As the Oakland Tribune reports, 43-year-old Kloehn creates the structures with waste material that he finds on the streets. These little spaces—many of which are insulated with pizza delivery bags—have windows, a mirror and even wheels so they can be taken anywhere by the owner.
One homeless woman named “Wonder” told the Tribune that the mobile shelter was a huge upgrade from her old home, a couch and a tarp that covered it. “This is the best home I’ve had in five years,” she said. There are about 10 of these shelters around the city and Kloehn plans to build more. One person’s trash really is another person’s treasure.
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