Georgia octogenarian Ellen Hanna recently celebrated an incredible milestone. For a half century, the 84-year-old volunteer has been recording audiobooks for the blind and visually impaired for Learning Ally, a nonprofit that maintains an extensive library of audiobooks for disabled people who cannot read printed books.
As Tech Page One reports, the Alabama native started recording with the organization in 1963, giving up thousands of afternoons to sit in a recording studio to read math textbooks. Reading books for hours on end is no walk in the park, especially before the invention of digital editing software. “Back then, if you made a mistake on tape, you had to guess how far back it was on the tape, rewind and record everything all over again,” Hanna said.
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The retired math teacher has continued volunteering with the organization ever since. “I will stick with Learning Ally till they tell me I can’t do it anymore,” Hanna told the site. “I’ve been blessed with good health, and as long as I can keep that up, I’m not going anywhere.”
If you’re interested in joining Learning Ally, the organization welcomes virtual volunteers from anywhere in the country.