While stories about natural disasters, death, and bickering politicians dominate the airwaves, all’s not bad with the world. We think that good deeds should not go unnoticed. And fortunately, neither does a popular television talk show host.
One such kind act that deserves to be recognized is performed weekly by Derrick Walton.
Some years back, a few bad choices left ¬†Walton living on the streets. After finding his way back on his feet, he’s now the proud owner of Chef D’s Rock Power Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa. But the nice story doesn’t end there. Walton, who has seen his share of tough times, makes sure he gives back to the community. Every Monday, the 47-year-old closes his restaurant so that homeless and needy families can eat for free. This he does out of the goodness of his own heart and pays for it out of his own pocket.
“I made a promise that if I ever got in a position where I could help somebody, I would give something back,” he told Yahoo! Shine in February.
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As you can see in the video above, this inspiring story made its way to Ellen DeGeneres, who not only invited Walton to the show to talk about his business, but also to present him with a check for $10,000 to help him continue his good work. (Who doesn’t love a giant cardboard check?!) The gesture immediately brought Walton to tears.
“I didn’t know where the money was going to come from, and I knew I just had to keep these doors open no matter what,” Walton said after the show. “The people that come in there truly inspire me to continue to do this.”