The community of Clendenin, West Virginia, was hard hit by the state’s recent toxic chemical spill. Local water sources were undrinkable and their bottled supplies, stockpiled at a local church, were running low. But just as their rations dwindled, something miraculous happened: Three volunteers from East Rockaway, New York, pulled up in a van with 227 cases of bottled water — nearly 100 gallons . As Good News Network reports, high school senior Angela Sarro, her father Frank, and Angela’s teacher Don Poland drove 537 miles in 12 hours through a couple of snowstorms to deliver the badly needed supplies. The Rockaway trio was inspired to act by the kindness of volunteers who delivered food and water to their town after Superstorm Sandy hit. Clendenin local Leslie Jennings Young posted on Poland’s Facebook page, “So many benefited from your kindness and generosity. We were blessed beyond words by your actions! God bless all of you! We too, will Pay It Forward!!” So watch out for Clendenin volunteers the next time a disaster hits.
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