Not everyone has a warm place to sleep every night — that’s something we must remember during this especially cold winter. But even during unusually severe weather, many of D.C.’s homeless are beating the cold, thanks to a roving set of city workers who provide blankets for the region’s less fortunate.
The efforts of these city heroes nearly went unnoticed until a passerby recently posted a photo of a pile fresh and clean blankets that a worker left on a park bench in McPherson Square. According to Good News Network, 29-year-old Danika Oriol-Morway took the photo and captioned alongside, “Yesterday this pile of blankets was all over the ground filthy, partially wet and frozen having been slept in the night before. I saw a D.C. city worker putting the stuff into what looked like a trash bag. Then this morning I walk by the same spot and see the blankets had been washed and folded… Made me smile.”
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It turns out that D.C. provides blankets to homeless people who are not in shelters, GNN reports. The program also picks up the blankets and has them cleaned. In these below freezing temperatures, it’s compassionate efforts like these that help us all feel a little warmer.