For the last 10 years, a volunteer crossing guard named Nathaniel Kendrick at Lakewood Elementary School in Dallas has made it his job to keep his community safe.
And now, his community is doing something for him.
The retiree, better known as Mr. Kent, had fallen on hard times while caring for his “very sick” wife, and recently had his car repossessed, according to a report from local TV station WFAA-8.
One day on the job, Kendrick noticed a car parked in the middle of the intersection. When he asked the group of parents around him to move the car, one of the dads gave Kendrick a touching reply: “Well it’s your car. Why don’t you move it?”
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Kendrick initially couldn’t believe what he heard, but once he realized what had been done for him, he was immediately brought to tears. The crowd around him cheered and went in to embrace him.
The touching gesture was organized by Friends of Lakewood, a group of elementary school dads who help out with various school-related activities. Apparently, raising money for their beloved crossing guard’s new car only took a single week.
Watch the moving video below from USA Today.
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