Preserving the Environment

#ComeClean to Prioritize Health

August 19, 2016
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#ComeClean to Prioritize Health
Erin Schrode, co-founder of Turning Green Clare Major, Thomas Shomaker
Environmental activist Erin Schrode discusses how potentially dangerous chemicals could be lurking in our household and body products.

As a participant in Seventh Generation’s Come Clean campaign, NationSwell is asking that cleaning and hygiene product companies do the same thing that Seventh Generation has done for the last 27 years: disclose all of a product’s ingredients so consumers can make educated choices about what they bring into their homes.

To do this, we teamed up with activists and environmental advocates, including 24-year-old Erin Schrode. Today, she’s running for Congress in California’s District 2. But her dedication to the public’s wellbeing started more than a decade ago, when, at the age of 13, she co-founded Turning Green, a nonprofit dedicated to environmental advocacy.

Watch the video above to learn why proper ingredient disclosure is vital to one’s health and wellbeing.

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