Digital Promise

Harnessing collaboration for equitable digital transformation


  • Applied research
  • Workshops with cross-sector experts
  • Actionable strategic recommendations
  • Customized insights reports and toolkits
  • Signature event with impact leaders
  • Targeted social campaign

The need

Starting in the summer of 2022, Digital Promise and NationSwell partnered to work towards driving equitable digital transformation in schools and workplaces. The Digital Promise team looked to NationSwell to build cross-sector connections & elevate existing work to help close the digital learning gap in the United States — providing essential insights and connections to national experts on education system design & the future of work.

The action

Our team took a collaborative approach to understand the most vital cross-sector actions to drive toward a future where digital innovation is accessible for all people in education systems and workplaces. Through desk research, an event series, and the creation of an insights report, our teams worked with over 100 individuals to surface 19 recommendations for business leaders, philanthropists, educators, developers, policymakers, employers, researchers, & the public.

As a part of this work, NationSwell embarked on three key workstreams:

Applied research & analysis

  1. on social conditions of powerful learning, future-proofing education, equitable pathways for economic mobility, skills-based practices & digital tools for workforce development

Curated convenings

  1. engaging 30+ participants from the nonprofit, private, and public sectors on the topics of Future-Proofing Education and Digital Equity & the Future of Work

Signature event

  1. featuring 4 panelists – innovators in the nonprofit, education, & philanthropy sectors – engaging 180+ people live & streaming for a conversation: Equitable Digital Transformation: The Future of Learning & Earning

The team discovered learnings, insights, and calls to action through these workstreams, which resulted in publishing a 50+ page insights report for leaders and individuals to take meaningful and impactful action on harnessing digital tools to promote equitable practices. The insights report serves as a launching point for cross-sector collaboration by highlighting case studies of promising solutions, key learnings & insights from the event series, & actionable next steps.

The impact

100+ people

engaged in a series of convenings from education leaders, workforce development experts, & advocates for equitable digital transformation


2 intimate convenings

that sparked connections & important discussions around the social conditions of learning, measuring impact, skills-based practices, & digital innovation repercussions in the future of work

19 recommendations

drawn from a synthesis of research, convenings, and conversations to understand the greatest needs for the future of learning

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