You don’t normally think of New York City as a hub for agriculture, but at Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, there’s an enormous 65,000 square feet rooftop vegetable farm that grows kale,¬†heirloom tomatoes, countless varieties of herbs, and seasonal vegetables for the Big Apple’s organically inclined stomachs.
Brooklyn Grange — the world’s largest rooftop farm — has released a fascinating time-lapse of its first seven months, where you can see a plain white roof transform into a flourishing vegetable garden in about two and half minutes. It’s hypnotizing to watch the old factory building withstand New York’s elements, from sunshine to snowstorms. By the end of the clip, you’ll see the roof blanketed in white, save a few patches of winter-resilient crops.
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Rooftop farms are a solution to feeding our cities’ increasing populations. When getting food for dinner is as easy as looking up, it reduces the distance that food has to travel to get to our mouths. It’s also a great way to connect city dwellers to the farm. Brooklyn Grange welcomes visitors from May through October and enlists volunteers as well. ¬†Check out to learn more.