A fourth grader with a rare form of brain cancer had one wish: he wanted to make the world a nicer place for others. As ABC News reports, 10-year-old Keegan Keppner has Glioma, a cancer that affects the brain and spine. He also has Hyrdocephalus, a condition that causes spinal fluid to collect near his brain. To make matters worse, his parents are struggling with unemployment. Despite his problems, the Eugene, Ore. boy still wanted to make sure the local homeless don’t go hungry. As you can see in the video above, Keegan and his stepfather Steven Macgray brought a home-cooked batch of rice and beans to feed 18 homeless residents who were being evicted from their tent community, Whoville. Apparently, feeding the homeless was on the boy’s bucket list. “It’s sad to see them suffer,” Keegan, who is currently in remission, told ABC News. “There are a lot of nice people down there.”
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