Daniel Hashimoto is a dad who thinks his kid is incredibly special. While a lot of parents think that about their children, in this case, it’s kind of true. After all, can yours disappear into a puddle of water or summon fireworks at will?
Hashimoto is actually a Dreamworks Animator who’s created a nifty bunch of YouTube videos starring his son as Action Movie Kid, who can jump across lava and destroy a toy store with a lightsaber. “My 3-year-old kid is awesome,” he writes on his YouTube page. “He gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure.”
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As a post from Uproxx puts it, Hashimoto is the “world’s coolest dad” for making these videos, but there’s just something about watching these clips that strike a chord — and it’s not just because the special effects are impressive and the little boy is inexplicably cute. It’s because we just don’t hear enough about regular dads who love their kids and like to watch them jump, play and destroy. We read so many stories of deadbeat dads, drunk and angry dads, and dads who leave home. But it’s fathers like Hashimoto who should be getting the attention — the hardworking, everyday ones who think their kids really are real-life action heroes.