Focusing America on Solutions, Not Just Problems.

NationSwell is a leading social impact media company dedicated to powering the solutions and innovations that will move our country forward. We advance that mission through a digital media platform that tells powerful, authentic human stories of problem solvers. We find inspiration in the people who are rolling up their sleeves and the things they are doing — to drive advancements in education and environmental sustainability; to make government work better for citizens; to engage more people in national service; to support our veterans and their families; to revitalize our economy and advance the American dream; and more.

We also advance our mission through the Nationswell Council, a membership community of service-minded leaders, and our Studio, where we produce creative, integrated campaigns with mission-aligned partners to move the needle on solutions that matter.

NationSwell Council is a special membership community of service-minded leaders who share a passion for service, for taking action around solutions, and for collaborating with and supporting each other.

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NationSwell Studio works with mission-aligned companies to support and amplify their social impact efforts through storytelling, digital distribution, events/experiences, and creative impact campaigns that drive change around the solutions that matter most.

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The annual NationSwell Summit on Solutions is an immersive experience for leading influencers, movers and shakers, and agents of change. The inspirational, thought-provoking day is carefully curated and designed to spark conversations and collaborations that lead to lasting impact.

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NationSwell TeamWe’re a team that walks the walk. Pragmatic idealists who believe deeply in our mission and in making our a country better place.

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