An award-winning executive membership community and advisory that works with social impact, sustainability, and philanthropy leaders to help them to accelerate their impact, lead at their best, and meet the moment.

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In today’s complex landscape, NationSwell offers unparalleled support to senior leaders in navigating the trends, research, and systems needed to enact meaningful change. Our exclusive membership communities and acclaimed Studio offer curated experiences, actionable insights, strategic connections, and captivating storytelling that will propel your mission forward. Explore our services:

Institutional Membership

An invitation-only program for executives of leading companies, philanthropies and investment firms, designed to help enterprises make deeper, more timely, and lasting impact.

NationSwell Council

A diverse collective of nonprofit executives, founders, thought leaders, and social impact amplifiers working to drive and scale change from the ground up.


Our award-winning Studio develops clear strategies, compelling stories, and illuminating Collaboratives that move influential audiences to action and drive impact.


From our members

“NationSwell is the premier organization that brings together the most authentic leaders around the most important conversations — giving us the space and support we need so we can be at our best as leaders.”

Chief CSR Officer, Verizon
NationSwell Institutional Member

“NationSwell is where I go to hear about the most innovative ideas and practices in the field; to find out what’s working best for peer leaders; and to get personalized and deeply valued thought-partnership.”

Chief Impact Officer, IBM
NationSwell Institutional Member

“NationSwell wants to know about my aspirations, pain points, key needs — and they work diligently to provide the partnership and resources that are most valuable to my program. They are now my go-to partner.”

Chief Sustainability Officer, Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division
NationSwell Institutional Member

“When I need expert thought-partnership, when I need a strategic connection and when I want to go to a curated event for insight and inspiration — I go to NationSwell, and I’m always glad I did.”

Executive Vice President, Schmidt Futures
NationSwell Institutional Member

“The openness, warmth and authenticity at the heart of this community is special, and makes NationSwell gatherings a deeply valuable place to learn, share, explore and partner.”

President, Annie E. Casey Foundation
NationSwell Institutional Member

“Working with NationSwell allowed us to scale our efforts and create more impact with our stakeholders than we could have achieved on our own.”

Director Customer Engagements & Insights, Microsoft
NationSwell Institutional Member

New & Noteworthy

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Sharing the business case for care and empower employers with tangible solutions they can implement to support childcare.

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