Black Lives Matter

To the NationSwell Audience,

Like you, we’ve been thinking about the murder of George Floyd, that deeply disturbing video, and what is happening right now. 

We’ve been thinking about how that one act of brutality seemed to symbolize the enormity of it all — of 400 years, of the enslavements, of families ripped apart, the lynchings, of how the essential systems that are meant to serve and nurture all of us (health, housing, education) have been so cruelly calibrated over time to systematically oppress people of color.

When we watched that video, when we think of that life, when we think about the 400 years — all we can think of is how we can do more. How we can be better allies — more vocal, more active, more studious, more attentive, more intentional about ceding power and space — and how we must do more and be better.

But we’ve also been thinking about something we heard in the swirl of recent commentary: “the reason we are disappointed…is because we hope in the first place.” 

Amidst the pain, it seems to us that it’s not naive to hope. Hope, too, is part of our legacy. It’s something that countless brave people earned for us on buses, battlefields and bridges — in courtrooms, school rooms and voting booths… it’s valid because they did their part and made lives better, made our nation better. Insufficient as it is, that progress is real. 

Our mission at NationSwell is to provide purpose-driven leaders and organizations with the creativity, insights and connections to take their impact to the next level. We exist to serve you.

We won’t get it 100% right. But, our pledge is to do more to support, empower and equip you with the things you need to accelerate your efforts to advance racial equity and justice — wherever you are on that journey. Please hold us accountable and call us out when we fall short.

We act in solidarity and vigorously proclaim: Black lives matter.

When we think about the goodness, the creativity, the innovation, the influence, the will, the reach, the capital (social, financial, intellectual) in this community, we are hopeful because this community can play a role and can make a difference.

Through our communications, our initiatives like #BuilditBackBetter, and across our full range of activity and support, you will see and experience more from us on this central topic in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

It must stop. It must. It has to… And, a new day must replace it. 

Let that be the legacy we leave to George Floyd’s family, to others who have lost their lives, to our children and all children.

Sending love and warmth to all of you, 

The NationSwell Team